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The Wiggle Seat

Activity Seating for Children with sensory needs. Featuring the Wiggle Seat


The Wiggle Seat-TM and the Wiggle Seat Jr. are chairs with suspended seats that allow children with sensory needs such as autism, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder to be able to move their bodies while keeping their feet firmly planted, allowing them to stay focused on the task at hand, such as eating or crafting at a table.

The Wiggle Seat Activity Chair is patent pending.

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What People Are Saying

There wasn't a day that came and went, that we didn't fight with our oldest to sit and eat. Whether it was a quick 5-minute snack or a sit down and eat dinner, it was a battle… until we got our Wiggle Seat. 

Eating times became effortless and so much less stressful. Anxiety is gone and now my oldest LOVES to sit in his chair at ALL times of the day and swing away. A sensory baby through and through, and without this seat, we'd still be battling through eating times. I am so beyond thankful for the Wiggle Seat and have thoroughly recommended them to not only friends, but to my kiddos therapy office as well. 




What People Are Saying


A Busy Child is a family owned and operated business located in Houston, Texas.

The Wiggle Seat was inspired by our sensory seeking autistic daughter. The Wiggle Seat was thoroughly tested by her and her younger brother.

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Question: Is the Wiggle Seat safety certified?

Answer: The Wiggle Seat is a unique concept that does not fall within current ASTM safety standards. It is intended for supervised use only and parents should determine the suitability for use based on their child's behavior. Children should be prevented from climbing up the back of the chair or attempting to stand on the seat. Children should not be allowed to swing excessively in the seat.

Question: Does it come with a safety harness?

Answer: The intent is for a child to be able to move their bodies and stand if needed. A safety harness may be appropriate for some children. The therapists currently using the Wiggle Seat have recommended we include one as well. A 3-point safety harness will now be standard on the Wiggle Seat.

Question: Is there a Wiggle Seat for older and larger kids over 60 pounds?

Answer: There has been a lot of requests for this and we are actively developing a safe solution and working on a prototype. Please stay tuned!

Question: Is there a Wiggle Seat with a high back for children with low tone?

Answer: Not yet. This is something we are looking into.

Question: Why is so expensive? Are you increasing the price because the product is labeled as a sensory item?

Answer: No. We are a new business. Between materials and the labor to make each one, it all adds up. Anytime we are able to lower costs and still provide a safe and quality products, we will. We have a neurodivergent child and our goal is to serve the community we are a part of.



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